Facial surgery



The skin of our eyelids, upper and lower, is the thinnest skin of the human body. Additionally, upper eyelids are very mobile, and laxity appears very early. This is obvious by the presence of excess skin, especially in the lateral eye. Skin excess can cause both aesthetic concerns and functional problems. During blepharoplasty excess fat can also be removed, correcting heaviness. However, blepharoplasty cannot treat “crow’s feet”. Blepharoptosis can be corrected at the same surgical time if its cause has been thoroughly investigated pre-operatively.


Prominent ears do not cause a functional problem, however sometimes they cause aesthetic concerns and have been associated with childhood teasing. Otoplasty can be performed in kids, from the age of six years old, and in adults. Additionally, in older patients, we can improve earlobe elongation/laxity that has appeared with aging or due to jewelry use.

Fat grafting

Facial fat grafting is indicated to patients that present with loss of facial volume due to weight loss, aging or medical pathology (e.g., lipodystrophy). It can restore facial volume and improve appearance. Furthermore, specially processed fat (nanofat), can be used with microneedling in order to improve skin texture.